Making the most of some summer veggies and fruits while they’re in season for this — initially wanted to try and make ratatouille with but I’ve also been wanting to start making galettes so we settled on this ahah, results were beauutt

Beneath the layers of tomatoes, aubergine and courgettes there’s a spread made of caramelised onions, cream cheese and parsley; lemme tell you this spread almost didn’t make it onto the pastry cause I couldn’t stop eating itttt, so so good

The pastry is SHORTCRUST
I found a new method of making it using @justine_snacks recipe/video (thank you Justine ) and waauuuww, though it’s a small process it makes a great differnece

So many great flavours going on here and it’s a nice one to share with others, for suree give it a go!

Recipe will be out soon ~